Facilities for energy monitoring

NCC J8.3

This provision states that all buildings and all sole-occupancy units over 500 m2 must have some form of annual energy consumption recording. For buildings no larger than 2.500m2, this need only be whole-of-building metering such as an electricity supply meter or a gas supply meter. Most smaller buildings would have such meters supplied by the utilities company but, in the case of a campus style complex, such as a hospital, school or university, the utility company might provide only a single meter for the site.

Once a building exceeds 2,500 m2, additional provisions apply. Buildings over 2,500 m2
must also have the means to record individually the annual energy consumptions of
nominated main services. The services include, air-conditioning plant, artificial lighting,
power supply to appliances, central hot water supply, vertical transport (if the building has more than system) and other ancillary plant. This metering may take the form of a Building Management System which is likely to be used, in any case, for effective management of the building services.

If the common area of the total building (class 2) is less than 500m2 the metering provisions do not apply

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