Fire Services

Fire Services are one of the most important engineering disciplines within buildings in Australia.

The primary objective of fire systems is the preservation of human life. The NCC (National Construction Code) outlines the requirements for fire detection and protection to a building based on its size, construction and use. Property or asset protection is a secondary consideration when it comes to building regulations.

The goal of the standards is to ensure building occupants are alerted with both fire and smoke being contained for a sufficient time to allow safe evacuation from a premises.   

Its important to note that smoke is the major contributor to fatalities when it comes to fire,  smoke detection and sprinkler systems are only a part of a overall solution with physical building construction and mechanical ventilation systems playing a major roles with the management of smoke in a building due to a fire event. 

There are several components that for part of fire services within a building

These Include:

Sprinkler Systems

Smoke Detection

Occupant Warning and Evacuation Systems

Gas Supression systems

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