Data cabling in the modern era has become standardized for ease of implementation and vendor interoperability.

The below table shows the performance differences between the various categories of data cabling.

Frequency Bandwidth TIA (Components) TIA (Cabling) ISO (Components) ISO (Cabling) MBPS
1 – 100 MHz Category 5e Category 5e Category 5e Class D 100
1 – 250 MHz Category 6 Category 6 Category 6 Class E 1000
1 – 500 MHz Category 6A Category 6A Category 6A Class EA 10G*
1 – 600 MHz n/s n/s Category 7 Class F 10G
1 – 1,000 MHz n/s n/s Category 7A Class FA 10G

* 10G @ 55 MTRS

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